The NCATA is tackling an ambitious athletic training advocacy project featuring North Carolina Specialty License Plates for interesting parties.  The association has secured the appropriate paperwork and obtained the legislative sponsorship for this project.  We currently need individuals willing to commitment to purchase a specialty plate.

NC License Plate Reboot 2.0.jpg

We have been instructed that our cost will be $10.  In you are interested, please complete the following application and return it to Kevin King at the following address:

800 South Mint Street     Charlotte, NC  28202


Or email a picture of the completed document to:  kevin.king@panthers.nfl.com

The following information will assist you in completed the application or you can electronically complete the application by clicking HERE.

Name of Organization:               North Carolina Athletic Trainers’ Association

Name of Contact Person:           Kevin King

Address of Contact Person:       800 South Mint Street, Charlotte, NC  28202

Phone Number(s):                        (704) 358-7438

Standard Special Plate:               $10.00

Personalized Fee:                         $_______.  If you choose to request a personalized plate text, there is an additional $30.00 fee

Choose Plate Background:         First in Flight or First in Freedom

Total Fee Remitted:                     This amount is the total of the Standard Special Plate and the Personalized Fee, if desired.


If you are pursuing Personalize Plate text, please utilize the 4 spaces for Option 1 and Option 2.  Lastly, please fill out the Personal Information, Vehicle Registration Information and the Owner’s Certification of Liability Insurance section.


Thanks for participating in a project that will be helpful in bring awareness to athletic training.  We are confident these license plates will assist us in creating awareness about athletic trainers as healthcare providers and the benefits we can provide the community.