Dan Brown, Radeas

Quoted by Nina Walker, “His recognition of the versatile skills led to the employment of many ATs at Radeas COVID testing sites in Wake County. This was vital during a time when many ATs in traditional settings were being furloughed due to lack of sport participation and the job market had dried up for young professionals who had recently graduated. He understood the profession well enough to recognize that ATs excel in organization, leadership, customer service and complex logistical tasks. He utilized ATs in leadership positions, like supervisors, to help with the organization, inventory, set up and break down of events. He equated these tasks to the duty of setting up for away football games and creating a new medical space every weekend.”

He noted that ATs excelled at problem solving, managing flow and assisting in all operations at these events. He also recognized the importance of hiring individuals that matched the community that he was serving, by hiring a diverse AT work staff and utilizing many bilingual ATs to help reach community members that had difficulty communicating otherwise. I would like to recognize Dan and Radeus labs for their innovation in recognition that athletic trainers are healthcare workers that possess unique skills that translate far beyond the athletic field. Radeus allowed ATs to participate in helping communities, some underserved, have access to free, well organized and professionally supported COVID testing, when without this resource they may not have had the access  to the healthcare that was needed.


Nancy Groh, Assistant Professor, and the Clinical Education Coordinator, in the Athletic Training Education Program at High Point University. She was elected by her peers to serve as the Secretary of the NCATA for the 2020-2022 term. Nancy Groh is an exceptional educator and continues to inspire others through her work with athletic training students, athletic training education department and the athletic training profession.


Jeff Hinshaw currently serves in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine as the lead Physician Assistant and faculty member for emergency medicine.  He has worked as an advocate for the athletic training profession and helped develop the collaborative working relationship between EMS and athletic trainers.



Tara Peterson, Clinical Education Coordinator at Western Carolina University for her inspiring work with athletic training students and the athletic training education department.


Dr. Lyman Smith, Raleigh Orthopaedic, for his 29 years of dedicated work as a team physician not only in the office but also on the sidelines helping thousands of athletes at the high school, college and professional level. 



Kannapolis Fire Department for their commitment to inter-professional learning by teaching a class to assist ATs in getting EMT certification and coordinating the training of 100 firefighters on how to better handle sporting injuries and AT interactions on the scene. Pictured below.