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The Bill Griffin Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award Criteria

Presidential Award


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AT Service Award

The Athletic Trainer Service award recognizes NCATA members for their service and contributions to the athletic training profession. ATSA recipients are involved in the local and state associations, community organizations and other services that represent the athletic training profession.


  1. Must be a member of the NCATA

  2. Must be a current practicing athletic trainer

  3. Must be NCBATE licensed

  4. Can be nominated by any member of the NCATA

  5. No self-nominations

  6. Nominations will be made to the Honors and Awards Representative of the NCATA

  7. Winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting


  1. Recipients of the award in the last four years are not eligible

  2. The President of the NCATA is not eligible for nomination


  1. Will be made by the awards committee


  1. The sponsor member shall submit a letter of recommendation for the nominee, along with a resume of vitae for support

  2. The sponsor members may also choose to submit additional letters of support.



Bill Griffin Most Distinguished AT Award

The Bill Griffin Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer award recognizes NCATA members who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to leadership, service, advocacy and professional activities as an athletic trainer. The DAT recognizes NCATA members who are involved in service and leadership activities at the state, district and national level.


  1. Must be a regular member of the NCATA for a minimum of 10 years.

  2. Must be NCBATE licensed.

  3. May be nominated by any member of the Board

  4. Candidate must have performed exemplary service to the association, advancing the cause and mission of the NCATA.

  5. No self-nominations.


  1. Will be made by the Honors & Awards Committee

  2. Award winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting.




Presidential Award

The Presidential Award recognizes any business, medical practices, organizations or individual that have supported healthcare services above and beyond the expected in support of athletic trainers and the athletic training community.


  1. Open to any person, business, medical practices or organization dedicated to the health care profession who has made major contributions to the Science of Athletic Training    

  2. Not limited to NCATA Membership

  3. Not limited to BOC Certification

  4. May be nominated by any voting member of the NCATA    

  5. No self-nomination       

  6. Nominations will be in the form of a written letter stating the reason(s) for nomination shall be sent to the President of the NCATA   

  7. Businesses must be non-product oriented     

  8. Winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting


  1. Will be made by the awards committee